My new song LAY DOWN

8. August 2023

On this beautiful day, 08.08.
I have something for you. My new song
LAY DOWN is ready for download.
Please enjoy the music and
share the link with your friends.

Click on the link below,
to start download.


10. March 2023

We are looking forward to this great
LIVE MUSIC party with all of you.
Please make your reservation at
the location or contact us.

The number of guest is limited!

Gewölbekeller im Vintage Hotel,
Bergheimer Str.2, 50259 Pulheim

Tickets online here:

Happy New Year – Ready for 2023

20. January 2023

Finally it started again. 
Thank you
2022 and thanks to you
our fantastic
audience for so many
beautiful moments. 
We look forward 
to making 2023 
a very special year.
Let's celebrate life.
There are plenty!
Big or small stages,
solo, trio or with 
the whole band?
We create your 
unforgettable moment!

My new CD – finally available on all platforms

8. July 2022

Hello my friends, my release ”RESPECT” is
live now and available in streaming and download
platforms: Amazon music, Deezer, Spotify, Youtube Music,
Apple Music, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook…
Please enjoy, share and let me know your thoughts in comments.
Click on the link below:
Enjoy your summer!


7. June 2022

Finally! On June 11th at 3:00 p.m. I will present you my new CD together

with the Thursday choir of the community of Sankt Theodor and St. Elisabeth and its director Dirk-Johannes Neumann at the midsummer festival of the districts of Höhenberg and Vingst.


Our message is respect, cohesion and optimism in these challenging times. International understanding, love, tolerance and peace are very important values. 

“LIVE TOGETHER” is an extremely catchy melody asking you to sing along for peace and strength. 

Everyone can and should take part in the chorus to carry our message on.

My special thanks for the implementation of this project goes to the foundation established by Pastor Meurer, Pro Hövi, which has made it possible for us to continue to implement projects in youth and adult work with music and singing in the last two years to facilitate and enrich the community in this deprived area.

LIVE TOGETHER – the premiere starts with you on June 11th, 2022. Bring your family, friends and relatives! We want the audience to be an OPEN AIR POP UP CHORUS – to powerfully carry our message from Cologne into the world.

In the next few days you will also be able to buy the song online. I’ll keep you up to date and look forward to seeing you!


Further information:
The picture on the cover of RESPECT was created by Frank & Clara Bimmermann and shows the true essence of our existence on this wonderful planet earth.
You can contact the artists under:


12. July 2021


for further information check under
dates on this homepage.

We are looking forward
to finally see you again!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

14. December 2020

Do to the cancellation of our Christmas
event I would like to extend gratitude to
all of you fine folks who wanted to attend
with Seasons Greetings, warm wishes and
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.


2. September 2020


Ron and Jeanne
are the Piano/Vocal Duo
anyone could imagine
for fine entertainment.

The brilliant sound of
Ron & Jeanne has a unique,
sophisticated quality to give the listener

an experience of a lifetime.

Ron White is a singer, song writer
and entertainer with over 25 years
of successful stage experience.

Jeanne Der is a highly accomplished
professional piano player, composer
and arranger with a conservatory degree.

Their interpretation of Evergreens,
Modern and Popular melodies
are customized into
a breathtaking artistic music style.