4. November 2019

HAVANA VIBES presents their 2nd Single, remix RMX 2020 “GUANTANAMERA” of the Latin American Classic.

HAVANA VIBES! English/Spanish Pop sound influenced by the soulful vocals of native Washington DC entertainer  Ron White and the Argentine artist Sil Paolini. Havana Vibes epic groove presents an erotic wave of emotions for the european media and international markets.

Ron White aka Mr Showbiz has been singing since early childhood and lives for the stage. His incredible talent and extraordinary charisma is legendary. Ron White has appeared in concert and tv with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Performances with Enrique Iglesias, Michael Bolton, P. Diddy, Lighthouse Family, The Weather Girls etc…

Sil Paolini found her passion for stage in Argentina’s vibrant capital, Buenos Aires. The artist enjoyed extensive education in dance, show, choreography and singing, has toured several shows around the world and is known to the public through promotional clips from MC Donalds and Dove.

HAVANA VIBES debut “BAILA CONMIGO“ achieved considerable success on YouTube and Spotify! Many radio stations played the title with power rotation over several months achieving # 2 in the Top20 listener charts.

The composers of RMX 2020 “GUANTANAMERA” are Ron White, Michael Vitoria & Rolf Wetzel.

Ron White & Michael Victoria reunited after successfully writing and producing the “4The Cause CD “Stand By Me“. The title was awarded to Gold and Platinum in Germany,

Platinum in New Zealand, Belgium, Austria and Gold in Switzerland. The CD sold over 2 million units in Europe, UK and USA.

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Ron WHITE starring @ Phantasialand Wintertraum

26. November 2018

A Winter Fairy Tale @ Phantasialand Wintertraum

Talvia is full of dreams, longing for adventures beyond the Ice Castle – but her stepfather has other plans …

Experience a charming winter story about the dreams of a young girl, her family and her funny friends. A romantic show experience with outstanding artistry and soulful singing in a magical world of ice and snow.


HAVANA VIBES keeps rising

27. September 2018

Baila Conmigo, now on position 10 of Germany`s Pop Charts and on position 6 @ Mallorca Inselradio Charts! Thank you to all of you guys!  Baila Conmigo – keep dancing with us 😉

Havana Vibes -BAILA CONMIGO- Position 14 on Germany`s Pop Charts!

12. September 2018

Baila Conmigo – Now on position 14 on Germany`s Pop Charts. Over 80.000 Youtube Clicks thanks to all of our new fans!

Enjoy Havana Vibes as special guest@ Inselradio Mallorca Golf Trophy on the 15th. of September. 100 % party guaranteed.

Enjoy the video here:

BAILA CONMIGO – Dance with me – Havana Vibes hit single stands for the style of the whole show,  „Hips don`t lie“ by Shakira and Wyclef Jean and „Obsession“ by Aventura or „Maria Maria“ from Carlos Santana… those are some of the songs Havana Vibes will present… Be ready for this fascinating show act, which you can also book with our energetic team of dancers.

Baila Conmigo on Chart Position 20 @ German Pop Charts

14. August 2018

HAVANA VIBES, presents the ultimate summer hit “BAILA CONMIGO” with a driving Latino beat and ultimate Spanish guitars, carried by soulful vocals by Susana Paez & Ron White that’s HAVANA VIBES.

A successful duo fusion of internationally established artists who interpret the song with passion, give a shot of mainstream, spice up with Havana feeling and present a dash of eroticism. HAVANA VIBES seem to have found the right recipe for the European media landscape to carry this title into the world.

Watch the video on Youtube:

Baila Conmigo – Havana Vibes

13. July 2018

Finally! Enjoy our brand-new summer song and video!

Baila Conmigo on iTunes:

HAVANA VIBES, presents the ultimate summer hit “BAILA CONMIGO” with a driving Latino beat and ultimate Spanish guitars, carried by soulful vocals by Susana Paez & Ron White that’s HAVANA VIBES.

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Ron WHITE / WHITE only Concert – Dance Floor Party

5. September 2017

You want to join us on our next dance floor concert?
Check out this beautiful location!
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Ron casual kl Kopie

pop rhythm and classical harmonies

23. June 2017

…Archangel Gabriel was introduced as God`s ambassador and a full of life`s joy servant.
Ron White possesses an expressive voice, soft and gentle spoken to Maria and again highly excited, telling the message of the entombment of Jesus. His colorful shape and his foreign accent where perfectly fitting his role. He literally came from another world. His commands where very human though, for example about the visit of Maria`s cousin Elisabeth: “Otherwise Maria would have been the first women ever, keeping news to herself!” (Free translation)

…Der Engel Gabriel wurde als „personifizierte Botschaft Gottes und als besonders lebensfroher Diener Gottes“ vorgestellt.

Ron White verfügte über eine ausdrucksvolle Stimme, sanft und fast zärtlich im Gespräch mit Maria, hoch erregt bei der Botschaft der Grablegung Jesu. Seine farbige Gestalt und sein ausländischer Akzent passten perfekt zu seiner Rolle: Er kam buchstäblich aus einer anderen Welt. Die wörtlichen Kommentare dagegen waren sehr menschlich, zum Beispiel beim Besuch ihrer Cousine Elisabeth: „Ansonsten wäre Maria die erste Frau gewesen, die Neuigkeiten für sich behält!“

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