The following dates are open to the public. Company events which are exclusive are not promotet here. 

If you are interested in booking Ron for one of your events and would like to have a look at another performance in your area, please feel free to call the office!

Since 2018 Ron WHITE is starring in different shows at Phantasialand Cologne
(when a client is booking Ron WHITE for another event, his understudy is performing at Musarteum)
Check out the show rehearsal on youtube, here:

//Traumnacht //
Ron WHITE Star Guest
@ Rote Funken
Gürzenich Cologne

// WHITE only Messe Bremen* // (on invitation)
19.30 Uhr

WHITE only // DSLK // Stadthalle Düsseldorf // (on invitation)

WHITE only // Flanierball
Schloss Fleesensee